How to properly care for your hair

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The main stage of hair care is their washing. It would seem that there is nothing complicated. However, many professional stylists note that the wrong approach to washing hair lose its appeal and become dull. Here are the main recommendations from professionals regarding hair washing:
Too often wash your hair is not necessary. The optimal interval is two days. The only exception will be, unless, hair with high fat content. They are washed daily or every other day;
The hair is not lost healthy Shine, don't wash them in too hot water (it is dry out the hair shaft);
Washing hair is carried out twice, and it is necessary after it to rinse them well with running water. If there are any problems with the hair, the hairdressers recommend using in the process of washing several complementary products. For example, if your hair is brittle and prone to fat, then at first they can be washed with shampoo for oily hair, and for the second wash use conditioner to increase volume;
Shampoo is not recommended to be applied directly to the hair. It is better to foam a small amount of funds in the hands, and then apply to moisturized hair;
Conditioning agent must be applied to the hair from the middle;
Conditioner is not recommended to RUB into the scalp, because the hair at the roots will become greasy and lose much in volume;
To wash off the conditioner from the hair use cool water, and if you want to make the hair shiny, then walk along their entire length with a piece of ice;
Shampoo for hair 2 in 1 try to use as little as possible. Such products are suitable for quick washing and will be a suitable option for travel;
Use anti-dandruff shampoos only if there is a problem. If you managed to get rid of dandruff-immediately switch to another shampoo that will match the type of hair;
Use dry shampoos in extreme cases (for example, take it with you on a long journey, where it will not be possible to wash your hair well).

The experiments in the side!

Proper hair care-it is responsible, so it must be approached seriously, without experimentation.
Do not put experiments on hair, using unknown novelties of cosmetics. If your hair requires restoration, it is advisable to make a program in advance, in consultation with your hairdresser;
Choose shampoo and hair conditioner must be carefully, taking into account the type of scalp and hair type;
Choosing a shampoo, remember that it is intended more for the care of the scalp and helps to improve hair growth. Its additional function is to clean the hair shaft from dust, dirt and fat particles;
Permanent hair coloring leads to drying of the scalp. In this case, you need to wash your hair with a delicate shampoo with moisturizing effect;
At least once a week, perform the procedure of peeling the scalp. During this procedure, you can not only remove dirt and dead cells, but also a layer of sebum. This will provide oxygen access to the hair follicles. Hair will receive the necessary amount of nutrients and become much more beautiful and healthier.

Hair drying

The process of drying hair has some features, without which you will not be able to make them attractive.
Wet hair combing is not recommended. The comb will injure and stretch the hair, change its structure. As a result, split ends appear, hair rods become brittle;
If you dry your hair with a Hairdryer, then try to direct a jet of hot air from top to bottom. To fix the hair done, use cold air. This will help make hair shiny;
In the summer, try not to blow dry hair at all. They'll be dry from the sun anyway. Use to care for them restorative masks for dry hair,

Hair styling

Hair styling procedure is carried out in accordance with the following principles:
If you need to focus on beautiful curls, apply a small amount of mousse to your hair and then do the styling with a Hairdryer, lightly pressing the strands with your hands;
The varnish laying should only be applied to dry hair because wet glues from the vehicle. If you want to make the hair more lush, give the hair volume-lift the strands of hair and send a jet of varnish on the roots;
To fix the hair with varnish you need to place a little spray at some distance from the head and hair;
Styling, made on wet hair, will hold bad, so try to thoroughly dry the hair with a hot stream of air, and in the end — to douse the hair with cold air.

Additional hair care

Professional hair care involves the use of a set of additional measures aimed at improving their condition. Weekly for hair you need to apply dry shampoo or vitamin mask.
Hair masks are recommended to do at least once a week. And for over-dried and brittle hair masks should be done daily for a week. RUB such funds into the scalp is not necessary, the mask is applied gently along the entire length of the hair.
Oils and hair masks can replace the conditioner.
Masks to restore the structure of the hair is applied before bedtime, and in the morning – wash your head.